History & Background

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Therapeutics Inc.’s founding in 1997 was fostered by the strong support for Dr. Dan Piacquadio’s consulting practice that had existed since 1985. Formerly as the director of the UCSD Dermatology Product Research Group for 10 years, Dr. Piacquadio oversaw in vivo and in vitro labs, development services and a clinical research group conducting studies in clinical Phases 1-4. Through his experience in the dermatology drug development arena, Dr. Piacquadio realized a need for diverse development consulting services. The initial targets included a) dermatology sales and marketing organizations looking for turn-key development services; b) dermatology companies in need of strategic clinical or development expertise to supplement their own in-house resources; and c) investment bankers and venture capitalists requiring expert opinion and due diligence support for the evaluation of new business opportunities.

Therapeutics Inc.’s focus is on providing unsurpassed services and the development and approval of commercially successful products.

Our clients are:

  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Dermatology Companies
  • Biotech Companies
  • Emerging Growth/Start Up Ventures
  • Investment Banks/Venture Capital

Let us lead your dermatology product development program through the complex maze of non-clinical, clinical and regulatory hurdles to an FDA approval.Get started