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Can a CRO be both “full-service” and "specialty"? When the service delivers strategically planned, seamlessly managed, end-to-end results – the answer is a confident yes. Our commitment is to work as an extension of your in-house team.



Dermatology trials encounter many unique challenges based on patient populations, site protocols, and other factors. Massive, multi-specialty CROs cannot match the depth of expertise needed to reach your end goals as efficiently (and painlessly) as possible.

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Meticulous Systemization


A trial is only as strong as its underlying design. Our painstakingly organized, streamlined methodology provides more effective source documents and long-term planning, better site relationships, and data management.

Exceptional Communication


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Clear communication, at all levels, is the fuel that drives a successful trial. With our 24/7 Medical Monitor and always-on team availability, we have the flexibility needed to respond quickly to any challenge.

Always the A-Team


From executive leadership to boots-on-the-ground program operations, our seasoned staff leverages knowledge built on over 200 Dermatology trials, with senior management, CRAs, and PMs all averaging over 10 years of dermatology trial experience.  And you will start and end your project with the same TI team members.

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The Human Element


Ultimately, drug development is a business of relationships – from sponsors to sites to subjects. Without timely, responsive engagement at all levels, and a finely-attuned awareness for potential pitfalls, your study risks the kind of disruptions that can make the difference between success and failure.

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Dermatology drug development is in our DNA. Having a deep understanding of the unique needs of all participants in the dermatology-specific drug development process – from sponsors to sites to subjects to regulatory – is crucial to a trial’s success. And our extensive experience enables us to recognize and avoid the pitfalls that can negatively impact execution.

Study Phase

Where we’ve done our best work.

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*TI internal data, last five years ending March 2020

Leading Indications

Acne Rosacea
Acne Vulgaris, etc.
Tissue Fillers
Paralytics (wrinkles), etc.
Atopic Dermatitis
Bacterial Skin Infections
Energy Based Devices
LASER, RF, etc.
Fungal Diseases
Tinea Pedis
Hair Disorders
Androgenetic Alopecia, etc.
Axillary, Palmar/Plantar, etc.
Nail Diseases
Actinic Keratosis
Pain/Dermal Analgesia
Pigmentation Disorders
Photodynamic Therapies
Rare & Orphan Disease
Subcutaneous Fat Reduction
Viral Diseases
HSV, Zoster
Verruca, etc.
Wound Healing

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